Are you wondering which best iron to buy for ironing clothes? Then this guide is exclusive for you, and It will help you to pick the best irons for clothes. This guide will show you 14 factors that you should consider while buying steam iron for clothes and they help you to compare steam irons with each other.

If you are looking for best steam iron for clothes, best steam iron, then you should consider an iron that has most of the factors among 14. And this points decide the best iron to buy for ironing clothes.


Which best iron to buy for ironing clothes: 14 Factors you should consider

#1: Wattage:


Are you looking for best cheap irons for clothes? Then this factor helps you.

If steam irons have a higher wattage, then it will be quicker heats up and hotter it gets. For example, One of the rowenta professional steam iron model DW5197 Focus has 1725 watt iron, and you have to wait half minute to reach its desired temperature. While Panasonic NI-E250TR has only 1200 watt and it could be taken at least two minutes to heats up. Hence, Panasonic Ni-E250TR cheaper than Rowenta dw5197.

Along with you should consider its price because higher wattage irons are mostly expensive, and it would not be available at low price. You can check out our listed best steam iron 2016 reviews at here.

#2: Steam Vents:

This is the feature that can help you to do ironing faster and easily. The number of steam vents on the iron is varying from one model to another like at lower level iron Sunbeam GCSBSP-201 has only 15 holes at metal bottom plate means that can’t be covered more area of the garments during ironing that means ironing will be done in more time.

However, at higher level Iron Rowenta DW8080 has 400 holes at soleplate that covered more area of the garments during ironing and help you to remove creases and wrinkles quickly.

#3: Cord design:

Mostly, all steam irons have come with the eight or seven feet cord length which gives you the facility to extend the cord while you are doing ironing far away from the socket. It’s a good idea to get a cord that can rotate at pivot 360 at its base. However, This factor also helps you to pick best professional irons for home use.

However, T-Fal FV4495’s cord length is 12 feet, and Sunbeam GCSBCS-200’s cord length is about 10 feet. Some models also have retractable cords for easier storage like the Panasonic Ni-E650TR U-Shape iron.

#4: Size & weight:

Mostly companies are being designed steam irons with light weight and medium size consideration, but it could vary from the model to model. Lightweight containing steam iron is easy to move around the clothes, but sometimes you have to apply more pressure on tight garments to remove wrinkles from them. So, if you would choose medium weight iron, then it won’t hurt your hand quickly.

Generally, at higher level irons weight is about 3 lbs that you can consider as right. For the example, rowenta professional steam iron model DW5080 is the most popular iron on the market, and it’s a bad thing is its weight 3.4 lbs.

#5: Steam output:

Steam helps you to erase creases easier, and iron that has more steam output the better it’s removing the wrinkles and creases. Mostly more expansive irons have a more steam output. For example, rowenta professional steam iron model DW5080 is blasted 400 grams per minute.

#6: Vertical steam:

Nowadays, Many steam iron comes with this incredible feature which allows you to take out creases and wrinkles by holding an iron just away from the clothes in a vertical manner. This feature extremely helps you in like fabric materials suits & jackets. So you don’t worry about the damage of fabric garments due to the high temperature of the soleplate.

#7: Variable steam:

Some advanced irons let you change an output of steam as per requirements. Different materials will need different settings for temperature, steam output & direction for better results. Also, a different model will give you different steam output, and if you would like to get more steam then more water you would have to use, and water tank must be filled.

#8: Water tank:

When it comes to filling water in the tank, you get to know some things like if you fill the tank with full of water, then it would be more weighted and it will give more steam output. So bigger is better, but you have to fill as per your requirements.

#9: Soleplate:

Soleplate is a hot metal plate that presses onto the clothes, and it should glide smoothly while you are doing the ironing. Nowadays, most of the irons come with stainless steel or ceramic while some coated with platinum.

#10: Auto off:

Good steam irons will automatically turn off after some short period which will increase a life of the steam iron. If you find 3-way auto off feature in iron which you want to buy, then you should go with that.

#11: Self-cleaning:

Some functions would do work easy for you, and this is one of them. Some best professional steam irons have a facility of auto cleaning while no self-cleaning having irons you have to do manually by use of button at over time. Many models have auto steam blast feature that lets to unclog the vents.

#12: Anti-calcium:

This is an inbuilt feature that will come with some advanced irons. It filters calcium from the water, and it can be a valve which you have to clean periodically. But before buying steam iron, you should check out its guidelines about the use of a type of water.

#13: Anti-drip:

A good & best cheap iron has an anti-drip feature which stops leakage of water during the settings of iron. It also stops leakage before iron hots up and at low temperature.

#14: Warranty:

Mostly irons would come with a standard one-year warranty, but certain models would offer two years to show they are more confident in their product. However, we can’t predict the best iron on based warranty.


Have you predicted which steam iron to buy for ironing clothes from above given factors?

In our opinion, I would prefer a steam iron for clothes that has higher power unit around 1500-1700 watt, Continuous steam blast, high capacity water tank, anti-calc & anti-drip features. While weight, size and the cord length are personal preferences which you should decide by yourself.

Here, I have mentioned all main factors that you should consider while purchasing best professional steam iron. One primary factor is a price that is personal preference. So, If you are on a tight budget then you could go with best steam iron under $50 price category, but if you don’t worry about price, then you would have to check out top rated steam irons 2016.

Do let me know how this guide helps you to pick a best steam iron according to your needs via comments. If you find this article helpful, then don’t forget to share on social media & with friends.